Plastic Mask

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Hey guys. Finally I have blog on my website. I know it was a while since I post on a blog but I’m coming up with something fresh! Check out the editorial that was published in Malvie Mag vol. 32 (november 2022) featuring beautiful model Teodora Gheorghe and makeup artist Corina Turcu.
I shot this project in august 2021 and it was a challenge for me to blend for the first time CGI in photography.
I spend almost a week learning a new 3D program (Cinema4D) to do this project and I am proud for the results. Lets me show few steps during the production of this project:

Step 1

I create a perfect 3D model head using an Iphone free app called “ScandyPro” witch allowed me to export and obj file for C4D,

Step 2

Import the obj file into Cinema4D and then I modeling hands (since I scan only the head) using selected photos where I want to apply this effect on the background as a reference. I ended up with 3 models using different positions of hands and head.

Step 3

Adding material was an easy step. All you have to do is to create a black material, with white reflection, 10% brightness and max strength to 35%. Texture that i set was Fresnel. Then I applied this material to the entire 3d model.

Step 4

Since you need something to reflect on the surface, I create a sky object. For sky material I used this studio photo and set luminance and load the photo as a texture. After that I drag the material to the Sky Layer.

Step 5

I render the final results trying to match the angle as much as possible with the final picture. It is important to export the render as a png file with no background.

Step 6

After some retouch of the photos in Photoshop I import the rendered masks and place them over the face and set the blend mode to screen and finally used some adjustments to get the perfect result.
More pictures you can find here and also a short video of these steps. Hope you guys enjoying and see you soon! Peace!

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